Kordeleski Joins Edge Consultancy

-Intrigued by Uber Concept to Financial Services Consulting-

– Last week, a group of recognized financial technology and banking industry leaders announced the formation of Edge Consultancy, LLC,  a new strategic consulting firm aimed at community banks and credit unions. Kirk Kordeleski, a

well-known visionary leader in the credit union space, from his days as CEO at Bethpage Credit Union, had started his own successful consulting practice when he heard about the concept behind Edge.

"The idea of bringing together a pool of knowledge, comprised of former C-Suite executives, whose collective wisdom could be leveraged to solve today's complex banking challenges, makes a lot of sense."

Kirk Kordeleski, CEO

“I was intrigued by the idea of applying the exchange model to the consulting space,” he said.  “The idea of bringing together a pool of knowledge, comprised of former C-Suite executives, whose collective wisdom could be leveraged to solve today’s complex banking challenges, makes a lot of sense,” continued Kordeleski.

The FI-centric consultancy service has assembled an impressive group of financial industry veterans and executives to launch the practice. In forming the consulting group, one of the primary considerations was to ensure that Edge had proven veterans from both the credit union and community bank worlds at the helm. Therefore, to complement Kordeleski’s credit union background, Edge appointed Joe Dugan, former executive vice president at Canandaigua National Bank, a community bank in the western NY Finger Lakes region, as the President of the company. Carlos Rodriguez, a 30 year industry veteran, rounds out the team, acting as Chief Operating Officer.  

Similar to the Uber model, Edge will source former C-level executives and veterans from the community bank and credit union sectors and match their specific skill sets with the various consulting needs of the bank or credit union. 

“We’re excited,” said Dugan. “We have a chance to bring together extraordinary strategic thought leaders with exceptional skill sets and make them available to community-based FI’s at an affordable price.”

In addition, noted industry veteran and author, Louis Hernandez, Jr. through his equity firm, Black Dragon Capital, is also involved as Edge’s founding lead investor. Raju Shivdasani, former CEO of Harland Financial Services, Inc. (now part of D&H), will function in an advisory capacity, too; while Bill Dalton, former Executive Director of HSBC Holdings, PLC, will serve as the group’s Chairman.

Edge has already begun to attract a talented group of former CEO’s as consultants, including Juli Anne Callis, formerly of NIH Federal Credit Union; Ken Joyce, formerly of Rurban Financial Corp.; and Steve Post, formerly of Vermont State Employees Credit Union. The group already has about a dozen other consultants onboard and expects to grow substantially over the coming months.

“At Kordeleski Consulting, we were able to help many community based financial institutions achieve their strategic goals,” commented Kordeleski, “but the depth of knowledge we have at Edge, with our stable of former executives, is beyond compare.”

About Edge Consultancy

Edge Consultancy, LLC, is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida and currently has 12 top consultants onboard.  It plans to expand to over 25 consultants in the coming months with the ultimate goal of having over 100 consultants engaged by the end of 2018. For a list of Edge’s consultants and consulting services, go to edgeconsultancyllc.com  

Source: Edge Consultancy, LLC